April 14, 2016

Data Analysis

Reap the Benefits of a Big Data Cloud Native

apps_visualizations_4The word Big Data in Cloud Build great software, not data centers.Grow an internal, collaborative development team. Work iteratively and deliver with start-up speed. Mine insights from data and respond in real-time. Focus on applications and APIs, not infrastructure.

Build Better Software in Big Data in Cloud

We’re at the forefront of change in how companies and industries operate. Our evolved development method is the foundation for building, not buying, sustainable and extensible solutions for the digital age.We partner to create empowered teams that feel ownership to design and build new solutions.

Embrace Constant Innovation Apache Hadoop

We understand the necessity of moving at start-up speed. The importance of constantly challenging tradition and optimizing for change. That’s why we focus on a modern approach on building exceptional products with you, using the most powerful cloud native, digital transformation platform.

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Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to “think outside the box”. Big Data In Cloud implements creative problem solving strategies to eliminate your IT dilemmas.

Quality of Code

All our code is peer-reviewed and nothing but the highest standards are accepted. We run automated code-review software on our ColdFusion project code to ensure that it meets all accepted best practises.

Our experience

To date, we have successfully completed many projects including big data projects, e-commerce websites, intranets, extranets, content management systems, database-to-print publishing systems, customer relationship management systems and other custom database-driven solutions.

Quality of Code

All our code is peer-reviewed and nothing but the highest standards are accepted. We run automated code-review software on our ColdFusion project code to ensure that it meets all accepted best practises.

Hadoop Advantages

Hadoop can abstract and facilitate the storage and processing of large and/or rapidly growing data sets
• Massive parallel computing
• Ability to handle structured and unstructured data
• Provides simple and easy to execute programming models
• High scalability and availability
• Use commodity hardware
• Fault-tolerance
• Low CAPEX & OPEX compared to traditional architecture

Hadoop for Predictive Analytics

Oil and gas companies bid for multi-year leases to exploration and drilling rights on federal or private land. The price paid for the lease is the known present cost paid to access a future, unpredictable stream of hydrocarbons.
The well lessor can outbid his competitors by reducing the uncertainty around that future benefit and more accurately predicting the well’s yield. Apache Hadoop can provide this competitive edge by efficiently storing image files, sensor data and seismic measurements.

Big Data



Run processes against multi-terabyte data. We provide a scalable analytic platform keeping you above the abstraction layer of laborious architecture.

Design, Build

& Deploy On Cloud

Develop and host your applications on cloud. Scale as you go with highly elastic cloud deployment. We don’t just create an interface; but a way to express how your product feels.



Our team at Big data in Cloud takes end-to-end ownership of implementing a Hadoop project. The project is divided into following phases:-       

* Installation & Setup
* Integration
* Operations & Development



With Big Data In Cloud DevOps services you stay ahead of the competition by focusing on delivering services continuously. Setting up, managing and monitoring in-house infrastructure can be a tedious job.

Our Services



We help you know the worth of what you have in your warehouse. Knowledge Discovery service make you understand data and gather maximum information out of it.



When it comes to analysis, process will start with ETL. Earn time for analytics by employing us to handle ETL for you.Big Data In cloud provides you solutions to prepare raw data to meaningful information.



EDB is an in-house, customized Hadoapps_visualizations_5op based software distribution aimed to eliminate major deficiencies of Hadoop. * ADAM (Advanced Data Analytics Manager)
* EVE (Effective Volume Enhancer)
* SLM (Smart Learning Manager)
* App Connect
* DB Connect



EDB also turns Hadoop into easy adaptable form for the enterprise customers.
* Project delivery
* End-to-End Support
* Product Life Cycle(Smart Learning Manager)

Why Big Data In Cloud


Project delivery

Our team comprises of deployment experts for Hadoop clusters with many successful deployments. The development engineers are part of the deployment team to make the process faster and more reliable.

Our Core Values

Enthusiasm, Respect, Professionalism, Perseverance and Commitment. These are the core values that define culture at Big Data in Cloud mentoring us in our daily work and in the way we do business. They mentor us in our commitment to our customers – a commitment that is bound by trust, innovation and performance.


Our support team comprises not only Hadoop contributors, but also many seasoned professionals. Their portfolio has multiple cases of successful support for many Hadoop projects. The product team is a part of Support to provide seamless services.

Product Life Cycle

We are always concerned about the product life cycle and how the updates would happen when the time requires a complete overhaul. Our R&D team constantly works on improving the product and releasing performance updates as and when required to keep the system in best health.

Hadoop is tranforming Finance

Any financial services business cares about minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity. Banks weigh the risk of opening accounts versus the opportunity to hold deposits. Companies that invest in the capital markets pursue long-term portfolio appreciation knowing that some securities will lose value.

Hadoop is tranforming Advertising

Consumers have never generated so much data on how they research, discuss and buy products. This new data is valuable for shaping and promoting a brand or product, but it doesn’t line up neatly to fit in pre-defined, tabular formats. Apache Hadoop brings this “new” data under analysis, by ingesting social media, clickstream, video and transaction data without requiring a pre-defined data schema.

Hadoop is tranforming Healthcare

Difficult challenges and choices face today’s healthcare industry. Hospital administrators, technology and pharmaceutical providers, researchers, and clinicians have to make important decisions—often without sufficient accurate, transparent data.

Hadoop is tranforming Oil & Gas

The United States is enjoying resurgent fossil fuel production. In fact, the International Energy Agency estimates that by 2016, the U.S. will surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer.

Hadoop is tranforming Public Sector

The public sector is charged with protecting citizens, responding to constituents, providing services and maintaining infrastructure. In many instances, the demands of these responsibilities increase while government resources simultaneously shrink under budget pressures.
How can government, defense and intelligence agencies and government contractors do more with less? Apache Hadoop is part of the answer.
The open source Apache Hadoop framework is philosophically aligned with the transparency we expect from good government.

Hadoop is tranforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing managers try to do three basic things: increase volume, reduce cost and improve quality. Without the right technology, these goals might seem to conflict. For example, how do we produce a better product while also reducing the cost to produce each unit?
Now relatively inexpensive sensors can gather and frequently transmit data along many points in the supply chain and production line. This flow of real-time sensor and machine data allows manufacturers to quickly identify problems as they occur. Our manufacturing customers also analyze historical data on tool to move beyond reactive error avoidance to proactive process improvement.

Hadoop is tranforming Telecommunication

Some telecommunication providers process millions of phone calls per second. Now add in: services for web browsing, videos, television, streaming music and movies, text messages and email. That all adds up to a rate of data growth that can be very expensive to store and process. Yet consumers expect to save everything that they ever receive, in case they want to watch it, click it or read it later.

Hadoop is tranforming Insurance

Changes in technology and customer expectations create new challenges for how insurers engage their customers, manage risk information and control the rising frequency and severity of claims.

Hadoop is tranforming Pharmaceuticals

New data technologies are transforming the pharmaceutical industry.Eight technology measures that could help pharma companies:

Integrate all data
Collaborate internally and externally
Employ IT-enabled portfolio-decision support
Leverage new discovery technologies
Deploy sensors and devices
Raise clinical-trial efficiency
Improve safety and risk management
Sharpen focus on real-world evidenc